The pandemic and abnormally high absenteeism plan allows you to maintain your critical activities for several weeks or months with reduced staff, taking into account the possibility that employees may be unable to report to work.

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A pandemic and abnormally high absenteeism plan covers situations where operations are impacted by a high degree of absenteeism for a period of time such as a strike, food poisoning, epidemic (e.g. gastro, SARS, Ebola) and pandemic (e.g. influenza, COVID-19).

In addition, this plan takes into account the various possibilities and impacts that government measures would have, such as the closure of schools, daycares, public services, regions, travel restrictions and mandatory containment. It also includes specific health and safety measures and a section covering the reorganisation of work. These measures will have an impact on the number of people able to report for work.

It is important to be able to maintain your essential operations for several weeks or months with a reduced staff.

If you already have an Abnormally High Absenteeism and Pandemic Plan and it needs to be revised, in whole or in part, we can also help you achieve this goal.