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A Business continuity plan (BCP) aims to maintain or quickly restore your operations while mitigating the risks, impacts and consequences of an interruption, incident or crisis.

“Are you able to cope with a complete and unplanned shutdown of your operations and for how long? Would your business survive such a situation? »

A Business Continuity Plan (BCP) is sometimes referred to as a Contingency Plan or a Critical Services Maintaining Plan. In all cases, it aims to ensure a minimum service threshold in a crisis situation and represents an asset as well as a competitive advantage over the competition.

We will help you set up a business continuity plan based on best practices and recognized standards and always taking into account your context and reality.

If you already have a business continuity plan and it needs to be revised, in whole or in part, we can also help you achieve this goal.


  • 1. Governance

    • Define the applicable business continuity policies, obligations, assumptions, scenarios covered by the BCP, the establishment of priorities, the means of control and monitoring, identify the various persons responsible and contributors as well as the method of management of the business continuity plan.
  • 2. Know the organization

    • Analyze the risks and consequences and perform a Business Impact Analysis* (BIA) in the event of an interruption of your operations.

    * Examples: financial, legal, on customers, employees, suppliers, shareholders, creditors, company reputation, etc.

  • 3. Operationalization of the business continuity plan

    • Determine strategies, workarounds and means to mitigate impacts and maintain or restore operations.
    • Implement business continuity plans.
  • 4. Train, raise awareness, test and keep up to date

    • Ensure knowledge retention for employees with roles and responsibilities.
    • Inform all employees of the objectives and outline of the business continuity plan.
    • Validate business continuity plan capabilities on a regular basis.
  • 5. Stand out!

    • Build and maintain the trust of employees, customers, suppliers and investors.
    • Using the business continuity plan as a strategic asset and competitive advantage.