The crisis management plan allows the coordination response to a disruptive event to minimize damage to your profitability, reputation and ability to operate.

“How long will it take before a major incident is detected, reported, communicated to those involved and the situation is managed? »

A crisis management plan that takes into account strategic, tactical and operational aspects will make your organization more resilient and ensure better coordination in the event of a major incident. In addition, the issues and challenges resulting from such a situation will have less impact on operational, financial, legal and reputational aspects. The implementation of a simplified comprehensive plan, taking into account emergency response and business continuity, will allow you to deal with incidents affecting the health and safety of your employees as well as your operations. An optimal plan will prevent omissions and slippage during an emergency or major crisis. It includes, among other things, alert and mobilization processes, roles and responsibilities, strategic action plans, internal and external communications.

Also, the crisis management plan is included with our business continuity and emergency measures plans when one of these two plans is fully implemented.

If you already have a crisis management plan and it needs to be revised, in whole or in part, we can also help you achieve this goal.