Second expert opinion

To reduce doubt, promote a better understanding, obtain the point of view of a neutral expert and to find the essential arguments for an effective decision, we are offering you a second opinion.

Far from being an approach of distrust or lack of confidence in your internal resources or a lack of respect for external collaborators, the use of a second expert opinion can be very beneficial, for instance:

  • Following a worrying situation, a major incident or a crisis.
  • It can also simply be used to validate certain aspects of a case or an initiative.

This can be done in collaboration with your internal resources or in a strategic mode under the seal of strict confidentiality for senior executives or a specific decision maker.

« Are you sure that what you are being offered is the right alternative?»


Why obtaining a second opinion?

  • Promote optimal and more informed decision making;
  • Mitigate risks such as: operational, reputational, financial, legal, etc.;
  • Reduce time wasted in restoring operations;
  • Limit unnecessary and/or additional expenses;
  • Gain assurance that the situation you are facing is based on an objective assessment;
  • Gain peace of mind;
  • Ensure that the best possible outcome will be achieved;
  • Increase the confidence of all stakeholders in strategic decisions in the event of a major incident or real-life situation;
  • Refocus certain orientations, decisions, actions;
  • Ensure that the diagnosis of the situation is clear, well interpreted and well understood;
  • Verify that the orientation, strategy, incident response or action plan that is presented is optimal and that all aspects have been considered.


Why and when to use a counter-expertise approach?

In the business continuity, emergency measures and crisis management industry, second opinions are generally used in situations other than internal company management. It usually involves two parties independent of each other when a doubt, disagreement or legal issue arises, for example:

  • Have an independent expert review the insurer’s report and limit premium increases.
  • Benefit from a second opinion on the level of maturity and readiness of a company in case of interruption of operations.
  • Lawsuit, litigation or court order.


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Whether your needs concern the importance of obtaining a second expert opinion or a counter-expertise, we have the experience and knowledge in this area. We can assist you in these matters.

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