An Emergency preparedness plan / Emergency response plan (ERP) ensures a coordinated and effective response to prevent loss of life, minimize injuries and property damage.

“Are you able to respond quickly to an urgent situation? »

An Emergency preparedness plan / Emergency response plan (ERP) is a document that details the procedures to be followed in the event of a specific incident or hazard. All companies must at least have an evacuation plan in case of fire.

Good planning and a simplified approach will allow you to deal with several types of emergencies, depending on your context and reality, such as:

  • Partial or general evacuation / post-evacuation gathering
    Fire, smoke, gas leak, etc.
  • Severe weather and major weather warnings
    Snowstorm, ice storm, flood, extreme temperatures, etc.
  • Interruption of a public or building-specific utility
    Drinking water, electricity, gas, oil, ventilation system, sewers, etc.
  • Physical assault
    At workplace or while travelling
  • Containment
    Imposed by the authorities or voluntary
  • Active shooter
    In your office
  • Emergency repatriation and transport incident
    Employee on travel, expatriate and family or business traveller
  • Kidnapping, ransom and extortion attempt

We will help you put in place an Emergency preparedness plan / Emergency response plan (ERP) that meets your needs. If you already have such plan and need to revise it, in whole or in part, we can also help you achieve this goal.