Is your company experiencing a major incident or crisis? We can quickly mobilize and accompany/guide you during difficult moments.

“Who in your organization has ever coordinated a critical situation or major crisis? »

Our consulting services can cover the entire organization or one of the following levels, depending on the current situation:

  • Strategic assistance, where we provide advisory services to the management or crisis management committee, some of its members or its delegates.
  • Tactical support to your coordinating group, some of its members or delegates, including the responsible coordinator or manager.
  • Operational support, directly with your teams carrying out the operations (the “departments”).

We also offer “second expert opinion” consulting services on a confidential basis.

From the very first minutes, we will be able to advise you on the best approaches and alternatives. This is not the time to start projects, but rather to respond immediately in order to limit the consequences.

We can help you!