Business continuity plan

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Maintain or quickly restore your operations while mitigating the risks, impacts and consequences of an interruption, incident or crisis.

Emergency preparedness plan / Emergency response plan

Ensure a coordinated and effective response to prevent loss of life, minimize injuries and property damage.

Crisis management plan

Ensure a coordinated response to a disruptive event to minimize damage to your profitability, reputation and ability to operate.

Pandemic plan

Maintain your critical activities for several weeks or months with reduced staff, taking into account the possibility that employees may be unable to report to work.

IT disaster recovery plan

Ensure the recovery and/or maintenance of IT and OT systems required for operations in the event of an incident or disruption within a timeframe dictated by your business needs.

Advice and support during a real crisis

Is your company experiencing a major incident or crisis? We can quickly mobilize and accompany/guide you during difficult moments.

Risk and vulnerability analysis

Identify, define, assess, quantify and prioritize the risks and vulnerabilities of a site or system based on its impacts and likelihood of occurrence.

Training and Awareness

Ensure the development of adequate skills of your staff while building confidence and understanding of the planned measures.

Tests and exercises

Assess the ability and effectiveness to implement the planned measures and to raise or maintain your operations within the prescribed timeframes.

Alternate site

We have acquired much expertise in designing and setting up business continuity, emergency coordination and gathering sites.

Assessment for insurers and insurance brokers

We will be able to carry out controls and validations needed to ensure your clients’ level of preparedness.

Avis d’expert
Second expert opinion and counter-expertise

To reduce doubt, promote a better understanding, obtain the point of view of a neutral expert and to find the essential arguments for an effective decision, we are offering you a second opinion.

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